My Exercising


I have been spending some time reading about different kinds of workouts recently.  I would like to get a workout that involves a lot of weight lifting since that is something that I am interested in.  I think that I would like to get stronger and see if I can get to the point where I can bench press more than I can now.  When I go to the gym I don’t really lift weights that much although I do on occasion just to see what it is like and how I am doing but most of my workouts consist of doing some jogging and also some weight stuff that just uses my body.  I am going to be pretty good at doing things like climbing a rope and also doing backward pushups which is basically when you do pushups the other way.

I’m looking at some of the supplements that I have seen advertised for people who are trying to meet their fitness goals and a few that I have been reading about include protein, which pretty much is the main one, creatine, which people use to help put on muscle and I think it is supposed to give your muscles more ATP or something like that, and then I saw one that was supposed to make you get more energy except it wasn’t caffeine, it was something else.  I can’t remember what it was called.  There probably are others but I don’t remember.  Many of the supplements are available from different companies and I’m wondering how people are supposed to know which is best.  A website I was reading was talking about garcinia cambogia and it is a pill that is supposed to help people get in shape but I didn’t really read too much of it since I don’t think that I would need that kind of product.

Oh, the best thing I have found to do at the gym is go when it is not too busy because then you don’t have to wait to use any of the stuff.  It’s kind of something I like because even though I don’t mind when there are other people at the gym it tends to let you get more focused when you aren’t having to wait for anything.  I can just go do my thing and get in the right area and then finish up and have a shower.  The place next to where I work out has some good items for sale and I will go there when I need to get something that I realize I need.