Landscape Renovation

My backyard is pretty great, I must admit, but I have been thinking about adding to it.  Right now it is just a grassy area surrounded by a fence and there’s a little deck on the back of my house but it isn’t really big enough to do much on other than fit a small grill up there.  I am thinking about putting a garden on one side and replacing my deck with one that is a bit larger so I’ll have more room out there.  I also was thinking about adding a box to play horseshoes since my friends and I all like that game, but I think that that might not go with the overall feel that I am looking for.  So really, what I want is a place that is a bit more active so that when people come over we’ll have a place to stand on the deck while we make some food, and I also want a garden so that I can grow some flowers and have it look nice.  Another part of the reason seeing my backyard looking a bit different might help is I’m thinking about selling my house soon and I want something that looks all proper for the potential buyers.  I mean it’s just a regular yard right now without anything in it.

If people see it and think that they could see themselves and their friends hanging out there, that would make them more likely to be interested in the house.  So rather than just this small little patio I have now, if I had a garden and some metal garden furniture and stuff out there that would create a space that would look more like the kind of thing people could imagine themselves in.  Of course, even if I don’t sell it, that would still make it more of a space to entertain people when they come over, and the one thing I like to do is have people over and eat outside!  So that’s really the only thing I have been thinking about doing to my home.  The rest of everything is pretty up to date, the kitchen is new, and the living room and everything has all new floors in it so it looks pretty brilliant.  The only issue I’m having with the things I want to do is that I’m not much of a designer.  When I see something that looks nice I know it, but I can’t really come up with the ideas myself, so I might have to give someone a call and see what they recommend.  There isn’t really anything else I’ve thought of but I might be surprised when they tell me what they think I should do, so I’m going to have to see if I agree or not with them.