Monthly Archives: December 2012

I Want To Move to Europe

I really want to move to Europe, particularly Holland or Germany. I just don’t know the how to do it. I want to land a job first and have a company give me a work visa, but I don’t have ‘technical’ skills to justify. What i mean is a company needs to prove that they can’t find anyone within their country to fill the position and I don’t have a “unique” skill…

I’m in the “digital media” industry. Work with ad agencies/publishers in the local search field. I’m on the operational side – done ad trafficking (This is the only ‘tech’ experience i have – ad servers), account management and now I manage a team of account managers. Ideally, I would like to work in the same field (From what I’ve seen/read what I do here is still in its early stages over there so would be an asset) but i am completely open to the type of work…just not teaching English, joining the armed forces, stuff like that

I started to learn German, but its still in its infant stages. The reason I listed Holland was because it seemed like everyone knew English when I was there and I liked it over there. My dad worked in Holland a while back – but he’s an engineer and his company offered it. My company isn’t international..

I just started doing my research on the internet and people basically say to apply and mention that you’ll be in that country soon (say it was a planned vacation or something) to show how serious you are, etc, etc. Maybe they’ll give you a phone interview, then if they like you, you can interview when you’re there…but it looks like your chances are much higher if you’re in a high demand field and multi lingal (engineering/IT). I am bilingual but in English/Mandarin

A last ditch resort would be to improve my language skills, save money and just move over there (I’ve got a friend in Germany). i think you can stay 3 months without a visa…then test my luck finding a job. huge risk on this one.

Does anyone have any recommendations? or actually did this? I’m going through my resume, trying to develop a cover letter that shows why I am unique, etc but

I am a bit impulsive…if I could move this weekend, i would do it, but reality is…I’ll give myself by the end of the year to see if i can get over there.