Monthly Archives: January 2016

Changing Things Up

This woman I work with was telling me that she wants to change her style. I laughed a bit because I think that I’m not necessarily the person to ask about that stuff but I was kind of glad she wanted my opinion. So she was saying that she needs to get some new belts I guess and I think that could make a difference but isn’t really the thing that most people look at when they are looking at your clothes. She was talking about wanting to get some contacts, too, because she wanted a different look. I think you can get contacts like that that will make your eyes something other than the way they are but I haven’t ever done that I think something like that can be a bit substantial and I don’t know if I would make a change like that but I can understand why people might want to. The thing I don’t really understand though is if it would be accepted by people. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s pretty cool that she might want to do that but I think that changing the color of your eyes might make some kind of a change that you might not really thing other people would notice. What I’m saying is, other people are going to tell if you have made that switch and they are going to notice because it is something that people don’t normally have the opportunity to switch. For example, if you have brown eyes forever people are going to be aware of that even if they don’t really know it, but then if you show up with blue eyes one day everyone is going to be like hey there is something different about you.

That’s what I think, of course. I’m one for changing things up, though, so I was all for it. I think she will enjoy it and I think it’s going to be awesome and it might provide the little bit of inspiration that she needs feel better. I mean that’s the kind of thing that can do something like that if you are worrying about something and you go and have a change like that and then you start to give off another energy and it can really make a change. You might think that kind of thing is a bit nuts but it’s something I Have felt. So anyway, it was these Scleraxl lenses she was looking at. She thought that I should share my input with her and like I said, she should try it.