Monthly Archives: November 2013

Running And Posture

I have been going running with one of my friends for a while and things are actually really cool.  I’m not one of those people who enjoys running really, but there is something about doing it with a friend that makes it better.  We usually just run around the neighborhood but on occasion we will take another route or go somewhere else just for a change of pace.  I have found that if I get a good pair of running shorts I am much more comfortable.  It’s actually like I don’t even mind jogging now.  When I started I didn’t like it and I would get tired after only a few minutes, but I can now go a few kilometers and I still have energy!  My friend on the other hand is much more experienced than I am and she usually goes for a few more kilometers than I do.  We will finish up and I’ll head home but she will keep going.

She was telling me about some of the injuries and stuff she has had from running.  One of them that I know all about are shin splints.  She said she also had some problem with her arm because she wasn’t running with good posture, and another time her hip was hurting and she was worried that she had hip osteoarthritis but it ended up being something else that she was able to cure with some rehab.  I think that as your ability to run distances increases the more proper form becomes necessary.  So I am trying to make sure that I have good posture and everything now before I get any bad habits.

I am also trying to make some progress in my field hockey.  Although I haven’t been practicing a lot it is something that I think is getting better because of the increased endurance that I have from my cardio training.  I am going to start doing that again so I don’t lose any of the moves that I had.  It would also be pretty entertaining if I could get my friend into field hockey with me so that I’d have someone to practice with.   I don’t think she is really going to start playing but I can always see if she likes it.  I don’t even think she knows much about it.  But for now I am just going to stick with running and see if I can become as great as my friend.