Monthly Archives: April 2014

The Smell

My friend suggested that I see if I can get an air freshener for my apartment.  I don’t know if he was saying that my place needs to be free off allergens or what but he was over here the other day and he mentioned it so I figure I might as well look into it.  My place is really just a one bedroom and I’ve got a kitchen and a living room of course but it’s still a pretty nice place and I want to see if I can do everything I can to make it feel awesome.  I’ve got some nice stuff in it but the one thing I haven’t even thought of was getting an air freshener.  I don’t think he was talking about the kinds that make your place scented like plants or whatever, but I mean an air purifier to get rid of some of the dust or whatever in the air.  I was looking around to try and find one that would work and wouldn’t be too big or whatever and I was reading about the hot ones and the different brands and stuff and I read a review of the Whispure 510 which seems like it might work.  I would probably want to read some more about it before I  decide, and there are a few other ones that I want to look at by companies like Kenmore or whatever but it’s  a pretty cool idea actually I think and it might be something that I would like to look into getting.

If it can keep me from getting allergens in the air then it would definitely be a good investment.  I don’t think I really have anything like that that makes me have a runny nose but you never now, and it’s something that would be helpful to have, I think.  So I’m gonna do a little bit more searching online and see what I can find and then if I decide I want one I might go ahead and get one as long as I can find one that I think will work.  I just need to make sure that there isn’t anything strange that I need to know before I get one, and I am pretty sure that you can replace the filter or whatever if it ever gets dirty.  I know that the ventilation system in here has a filter on it, but I think these purifiers work a bit differently in the air and need their own kind of filter to keep from getting dirty after a while.  So I’m going to look and see what I can find and then if I decide to get one I’ll have to mention it to my friend since it was his idea in the conversation we were having the other day that got me interested.