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Dating Is Strange When You’re An Athlete


Whenever I am in a relationship I get the feeling that there are some notions I have that I should be talking about but I am not. I think that it’s because I generally date people who aren’t really emotionally

Changing Things Up


This woman I work with was telling me that she wants to change her style. I laughed a bit because I think that I’m not necessarily the person to ask about that stuff but I was kind of glad she

The Smell


My friend suggested that I see if I can get an air freshener for my apartment.  I don’t know if he was saying that my place needs to be free off allergens or what but he was over here the

Landscape Renovation


My backyard is pretty great, I must admit, but I have been thinking about adding to it.  Right now it is just a grassy area surrounded by a fence and there’s a little deck on the back of my house

Surf Classes

surf guy

I absolutely like trying new things, and one of the things I would like to try is surfing.  That brings me to the first concert of questions, though:  How does one learn?  Most of the other new activities I’ve tried

Running And Posture


I have been going running with one of my friends for a while and things are actually really cool.  I’m not one of those people who enjoys running really, but there is something about doing it with a friend that

My Exercising


I have been spending some time reading about different kinds of workouts recently.  I would like to get a workout that involves a lot of weight lifting since that is something that I am interested in.  I think that I

Getting Stuff Done


I am up bright and early today which feels weird because I usually sleep in like a hibernating bear on my days off of work. I just have a lot going on today so I decided to get up to

A Friendly Competition

chess pieces

My husband and I decided to get a little adventurous with our finances this year. Both of us moved into new positions at our jobs at the last three years or so and we’ve been able to put around a

Traveling For Work


Thanks to a very fortunate series of events, I have the opportunity to travel for work this summer. I’ve wanted to leave the country and experience another culture for a long time, but things keep happening. Either someone else gets