That Green-Eyed Monster

My friend Josh was interested in this girl I am friends with named Angie.

Angie likes to go out and flirt with people.

Josh gets extremely jealous about this.

Angie likes to wear short skirts and revealing tops; she likes best of all to wear nothing. Or at least – as little clothing as she can wear in public, without getting yelled at by jealous, less attractive girls.

The funny thing is that because Angie likes attention, likes to attract indicators of interest from guys, likes to flirt, likes to get validation, likes to get proof of her social power over men, she is LESS likely to be picked up successfully by a guy than her milder-mannered sisters.

Even though she is meeting more guys and getting more advances, the odds of anything happening are lower for Angie than the odds are for other girls.

Josh sees a girl like Angie and thinks, “Wow, she has to be the ‘easiest’ girl ever. I’m in.’”

In fact, it’s because she is meeting more guys and getting more advances that she becomes, in a sense, immunized. Angie begins to blur all these men together. They become a single, changeless tune, a song of reverence, sung by horny club rats.

Whereas any – ANY – insecure librarian, to pick on a stereotype… any girl, that is, who is uncomfortable so much as letting her hair down in public will fall head over heels for the first guy to persistently attempt to go out with her. “Omgz, attention??” Thinks my librarian stereotype. “This must be love!”

It’s peculiar that Josh sees Angie’s extraversion as a threat, when in reality it makes her less available to the male population than her attention-avoiding lady friends.

Angie can handle guys. That’s what it is all about for her. Josh doesn’t get it, but it’s not his fault. He is just an idiot.

This message was brought to you by a bemused observer of social dynamics.


My gf is quite introverted

Fortunately, she doesn’t really like attention from other people. Like people will try to talk to her on the train (while she’s wearing her iphone headphones, no less) and she’s like “wtf r u talking to me for?”

My gf is super cynical, possibly even more so than I am, and so it would take someone at least as awesome as me to catch her attention, and statistically speaking that’s probably not going to happen as I’ve only met 3 or 4 people who are that awesome in my entire life (two of whom were girls, so they’re no threat when it comes to stealing my gf anyway).


This is just from my own personal experience. I am sure it is different for each of us.

Personally, I wouldn’t want my girlfriend to be with me because she doesn’t realize what she’s got. I would want her to feel extremely good about herself and STILL be with me… cuz then, yeah, I really am awesome

A guy who was into my girlfriend once told me, “Wow, you must keep her really insecure to keep her around.”

Ha. Blew my mind with that comment.