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Why I Pay My Car Insurance 6 Months At A Time


It’s the time again.  I pay my my cheap car insurance in Clearwater in 6 month chunks.  I prefer doing it this way because then I don’t have to think about it again for another 6 months.  Sure, technically you

The Nice Guy and the Nice Girl


The “nice guy:” Nice guys are nice because they think it’s the best strategy. They want to be respectful and all that stuff and think they’re better than the a-holes who screw them and ditch them. Unfortunately most women don’t

That Green-Eyed Monster

green eye

My friend Josh was interested in this girl I am friends with named Angie. Angie likes to go out and flirt with people. Josh gets extremely jealous about this. Angie likes to wear short skirts and revealing tops; she likes

I Want To Move to Europe


I really want to move to Europe, particularly Holland or Germany. I just don’t know the how to do it. I want to land a job first and have a company give me a work visa, but I don’t have

How Much Drama Can You Put Up With?


Meh, I think there’s a time and place and method that requires some intervention that the other person check their frame. “Hey, whoa, I think you’re taking this way out of proportion….xyz” Sometimes we don’t realize when we’ve gone too