I Love the City

Living in the city is an experience unlike anything else. The sites, the action, the energy, there is nothing that can replace it. I never really considered myself a city person until I actually lived downtown for awhile...

The Business World

Do you remember a time before the internet when people had to get their news from newspapers, and if you wanted to buy some stock you had to call your stockbroker on the phone? And possibly worst of all, there was no GPS, not even MapQuest; how did we ever get anywhere?

Cars keep changing

New cars today might be cool-looking, but you do not have any real choice if you want to swap out the head unit on the radio. Ten years ago all cars had pretty much same shaped rectangular head unit and it was easy to replace it with an aftermarket unit. That is not so easy today with all these custom styles...

I miss being a kid

Being a kid is this magical experience and you do not realize how awesome it is until you are an adult. Everything is creative and fun, everything is an adventure, and then you go to sleep and wake up the next day and do it all again...


It is kind of amazing how you can know so many people, yet so few are worthy of being called your -friends-. I am not sure if that is related to the monkeysphere or if most people are just crazy and probably not people who would make good friends, anyway...

I Want To Move to Europe

I really want to move to Europe, particularly Holland or Germany. I just don’t know the how to do it. I want to land a job first and have a company give me a work visa, but I don’t have ‘technical’ skills to justify. What i mean is a company needs to prove that they can’t find anyone within their country to fill the position and I don’t have a “unique” skill…

I’m in the “digital media” industry. Work with ad agencies/publishers in the local search field. I’m on the operational side – done ad trafficking (This is the only ‘tech’ experience i have – ad servers), account management and now I manage a team of account managers. Ideally, I would like to work in the same field (From what I’ve seen/read what I do here is still in its early stages over there so would be an asset) but i am completely open to the type of work…just not teaching English, joining the armed forces, stuff like that

I started to learn German, but its still in its infant stages. The reason I listed Holland was because it seemed like everyone knew English when I was there and I liked it over there. My dad worked in Holland a while back – but he’s an engineer and his company offered it. My company isn’t international..

I just started doing my research on the internet and people basically say to apply and mention that you’ll be in that country soon (say it was a planned vacation or something) to show how serious you are, etc, etc. Maybe they’ll give you a phone interview, then if they like you, you can interview when you’re there…but it looks like your chances are much higher if you’re in a high demand field and multi lingal (engineering/IT). I am bilingual but in English/Mandarin

A last ditch resort would be to improve my language skills, save money and just move over there (I’ve got a friend in Germany). i think you can stay 3 months without a visa…then test my luck finding a job. huge risk on this one.

Does anyone have any recommendations? or actually did this? I’m going through my resume, trying to develop a cover letter that shows why I am unique, etc but

I am a bit impulsive…if I could move this weekend, i would do it, but reality is…I’ll give myself by the end of the year to see if i can get over there.

How Much Drama Can You Put Up With?

Meh, I think there’s a time and place and method that requires some intervention that the other person check their frame. “Hey, whoa, I think you’re taking this way out of proportion….xyz” Sometimes we don’t realize when we’ve gone too far or taken something out of context and run with it or addressed/said something inappropriate or hurtful. I think there’s many wrong ways of doing this however, that will yield more negativity rather than good.

Again, are we in high school? If you have a partner with any integrity, this should be a non-issue. Being in the company of other women and flirting are two different things though.

Again, this should be a standard for either partner. Own up to your own stuff. If you didn’t follow through with something, own it. And accept that this uncomfortableness doesn’t have to repeat itself if you learn from it this time. “Hey I’m sorry, I messed up” goes a hell of a lot farther than some goofy flimsy excuse. Because there’s a muddy wobbly line between excuses and lies…..its hard to distinguish between the two.

This is a BIG DEAL to me. 9 times out of 10 you end up saying something hurtful that you didn’t mean just to be spiteful. Being upset or mad is one thing, but yelling and speaking out of turn and insulting or being mad/sarcastic to intimidate or manipulate is unacceptable to me. You have every right to feel what you feel, but you don’t have any right to talk down to me, yell at me, raise your voice at me, call me names, god forbid accost me physically. It serves no purpose and no gain in terms of problem solving. If you’re mad, cool the down then come talk to me. It doesn’t mean you’re not in need of validation, but once you’ve cooled down a bit, you’re clearer headed and more likely to problem solve effectively without hurting the other person unnecessarily. And for gods sake never have important conversations/problem solving attempts/arguments while either or both parties are intoxicated. Wait until you’re sober to have the conversation.

If you can keep your cool in a work situation for example, showing restraint and what have you, you should damn well be able to do the same where it matters most, your loved ones. If you can’t, then perhaps you need to look within yourself to see what’s the problem with that equation.