Monthly Archives: May 2016

Dating Is Strange When You’re An Athlete

Whenever I am in a relationship I get the feeling that there are some notions I have that I should be talking about but I am not. I think that it’s because I generally date people who aren’t really emotionally open. I don’t want to rock the boat. I mean, I know that I have needs and such but it’s like I’d rather just keep things simple. But it usually feels like everything I do brings me to a place where I am not really pleased with my relationship.

And being in an industry where I am in shape, I tend to attract a lot of people who are also in shape and feel like that gives them the right to do whatever they want. It’s kind of frustrating for me. They want to be treated differently. Look, we get that you are good looking however you still have to experience the same things as everyone else. I’m so annoyed with guys coming up to me and thinking that I am going to go out with them simply because they are athletic. Simply being hot does not mean that the aspects that make a relationship great don’t remain the same.

Seriously. It’s like so many people want to talk to you simply because they think that you are fit. And they are fit. And therefore you should be together even if they might be an ass. So often. I wish that people would just be like ok, even considering that I am good looking, I should still probably be a great person. And it’s not that they are trying to be fun at all, they are just doing whatever they want and thinking that it’s alright. I don’t know why I feel like I Have to deal with that but I don’t want to anymore. This is why I have been restricting the people that I will date to people that I feel will be good people because I need to stop dating people who aren’t going to be people I have have decent discussions about stuff with. A lot of people decide who they want to go out with on stupid factors, and then when it comes time to actually have things get intense, they are like, hey, you are interesting to hang out  with but I can’t actually discuss anything with you. And then it’s like what is happening where I keep dating these same kinds of people. It’s not like all the people I d ate are like that but I feel like its enough that I have realized this seems to be a common occurrence.