Monthly Archives: July 2013

Getting Stuff Done

I am up bright and early today which feels weird because I usually sleep in like a hibernating bear on my days off of work. I just have a lot going on today so I decided to get up to get a head start on everything. I am still sipping on my extra strong black coffee so I decided to go ahead and write this as it is on my list to get done. I actually have been meaning to write this for a while but it is one of those things that I never get around to doing. What usually happens is I say I’m going to do it after work but then when that time rolls around I’m so tired that I say I’ll do it the next night and then the same thing happens. I’ll probably be online for a bit longer as when I am done this I have to do a couple other things like paying bills and replying to some emails. I am also bad at that as I have some emails that are over a week old that I haven’t gotten around to replying to. Thankfully all my friends and family know about my procrastinating ways so they won’t be upset.

My main goal today will be organizing my new workspace area. I cleared out some space downstairs for it and am looking excited to working there. I needed more room than my little office which is where I was doing everything before. I bought some nice wire shelves that are going to be very helpful in getting things organized. I plan on spending a couple hours at least down there with a break or two in-between to check my email and get a snack.

My secondary goal today is to figure out what I am going to do about my car. I’m at the point now in my ownership with it that I either need to trade it in or keep it for the long haul. It needs some work and work costs money of course. I really like driving it so I’m leaning towards keeping it. I might take it to a couple dealerships to see what they offer for it and go from there. I know that I am going to stick with the same make and model (Toyota Camry) if I do get something newer. I have had two of them and they are about as reliable as they come.